ACC 1.2 THB -0.01-0.83%

Mrs. Supin Siripoke

Appointed Date: 15 May 2019



Degree , Business Administration National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)

Degree of Accounting, Thammasat University


Training Programs

Director Certification Program (DCP) Class 289/2020

Director Accreditation Program (DAP) Class 151/2018

Financial Advisor license , ATI-ASCO Training Institute 2549

Financial Forecasting Model, ATI-ASCO Training Institute 2545


Position in Other Companies

Jul 2020 – Present   Director of  Acc Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd

Dec 2019 – Present  Director of  Acc Infra Co., Ltd          

Director of  Saraburi Solar Co., Ltd       

Director of  W. Solar Co., Ltd                                                                                        

Director of  Bangpakong Solar Power Co., Ltd                 

Director of 105 Solar Power Co., Ltd

Director of Supreme Haven Wealth Company Limited            

Other Companies

Dec 2019 – Present  Director of Supreme Haven Wealth Company Limited

2017 – Present Director of  Keb Ngen Keb Thong Company Limited

2017 – Present Director of Alliance Network Corporation Company Limited 

2016 – Present Director of  Supreme Victory Company Limited


Work Experience

2013 – 2014 Managing Director of Kingsford Securities PLC.

2012 – 2013  Managing Director of Absolute Advisory Company Limited

2011 – 2012   Assistant Managing Director of Vanijtanakit Dept. Country Group Securities Public Company Limited

2008 – 2011  Senior Investment Manager of Kaokla Venture Capital Management Company Limited

2005 – 2007   Vice President of Vanijtanakit Dept., Siam City Securities Company Limited


Shareholding : 3.38%

Relationship with Directors and Management : Mr.Peerapong Wainipitapong sister