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ACC Cannabis Co., LTD.

Subsidiary of Advanced Connection Corporation Public Company Limited

Run the business of research, development, production (cultivation), and processing of hemp, cannabis into various products.

Registered on June 1, 2021, registered capital 40 million baht.

Research and development with Kasetsart University

We’re an upstream business. In joint research and development with Kasetsart University, Bangkhen, Bangkok is considered to be the country’s leading higher education institution for research, development, production, planting and processing of hemp.

Research and development of pharma hemp breeds (Breeding program) to increase capacity
Competition for the country

R&D Industrial production process, precision closed system Low cost, whole productivity
Quality and quantity continuously throughout the year and with international production process standards.

Our Vision

"Step into the Pharma Hemp Industry Standard Medical Grade All-In-One"

– 3 Mission –
– Infrastructure Investment l Research, Production Marketing l Competitiveness –

Interest in our products?

If you interest in our project or have a new project in hands, let us know.

+66 (2) 219-1642


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